JWizTerm Status

JWizTerm is a Java applet which connects a user to MUD1 and looks a lot like the old DOS WizTerm and WizTerm32 . JWizTerm is a useful alternative to WizTerm32 for people who:

  • don't run Windows on their PC
  • don't want to download an .EXE file
  • are just in for a quick look and want to get started immediately, right from the comfort of their browser.
JWizTerm is still undergoing development, so it does not (yet) have the full feature set of WizTerm32. Please bear with me, folks!

Viktor, the Arch-Wiz of MUD, is making JWizTerm available for testing at: http://british-legends.com/JWizTerm/JWiztermLarge.html. Please direct any bug reports or complaints to me, not him!

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