WizTerm32 Information


WizTerm32 is a Telnet MUD client especially made for MUD1. It is a 32-bit Windows application which will run under most versions of Windows, including Win95, Win98, WinNT, WinME and Win2K. 

The latest version is 0.80, dated August 13, 2001.
See WizTerm32 Bugs for a list of known bugs and not-yet-implemented features.

Terms of Use

WizTerm32 is freeware. That means it's free as in "free beer", but not as in "free speech". So you can download it and run it and never pay me a penny, but the rights are mine. The strings I attach are these:
  1. You are not allowed to modify or hack this program, other than by changing its configuration file.
  2. You are not allowed to publish or distribute this program. The only source is here.
  3. You are not allowed to run a copy of this program you obtained from somewhere else.
If you think about it, you'll realize that these restrictions are intended to protect you from maliciously compromised software. I don't build viruses or back doors into my programs, but somebody else might. Also, WizTerm32 is a work in progress, so getting it from my site assures you of getting the latest greatest.

In addition, I ask these small and optional favors:

  1. If you find bugs in this program or have ideas on how to make it better, please email me and let me know.
  2. If you like this program and find it useful, please recommend it to your fellow players!


If you agree to the above terms, here's a download link to the latest version, WizTerm32.exe. This file is all there is to it!


WizTerm32 is ready to run as downloaded. You can double-click on it in Windows Explorer to fire it up. You may want to build yourself a Windows shortcut to it for convenience.


The built-in $HELP only gives a very cursory overview of what's available. To get the most out of WizTerm32, you really should read the documentation. WizTerm32 is thoroughly documented on the WizTerm32 Features and Manual Page.


I'm the author of WizTerm32: Carl (Sirsloth----*) Smotricz.
My email address is: sirsloth@smotricz.com .

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